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Working is an activity that can be done by both Players and Pals in Palworld.

Work Suitability

Work Suitability screen as seen in a Paldeck entry.

Each Pal species has a list of possible types of work they can do.

Most work can be done in bases, but some can be done in the wilderness as well.


Pals with Kindling icon.pngKindling can heat campfires, cooking pots and industrial ovens.


Pals with Watering icon.pngWatering are able to water plants, and power devices such as the crusher and the mill.


Pals with Planting icon.pngPlanting are able to sow seeds.

Generating Electricity

Pals with Generating Electricity icon.pngGenerating Electricity can power generators.


Pals with Handiwork icon.pngHandiwork are able to do handiwork, such as crafting or building. Pals with handiwork can also be put in factories to mass produce items.


Pals with Gathering icon.pngGathering can gather crops from farms.


Pals with Lumbering icon.pngLumbering are able to gather lumber from trees.


Pals with Mining icon.pngMining are able to mine rocks.

Medicine Production

Pals with Medicine Production icon.pngMedicine Production can produce medicinal items.


Pals with Cooling icon.pngCooling can cool refrigerators and similar devices.


Pals with Transporting icon.pngTransporting can transport items around the base.


Pals with Farming icon.pngFarming are able to drop specific items when assigned to a Ranch.